Lightbrowser 1.1

Extremely basic and lightweight web browser


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to use
  • Allows you to change user-agent


  • Very limited in features - no download manager for example
  • Bookmarking system very limited
  • No add-ons or plugins
  • Stability not great

Not bad

There are so many great browsers out there - such as Firefox and Opera - that I don't see why anyone would choose something like Lightbrowser, which is basically an extremely light and limited browser.

However, I can see situations where it may come in useful, for instance when you're using a particularly CPU and RAM heavy application that prevents your default browser from working very well. Lightbrowser is about as basic as it gets - about the only thing it offers other than browsing is the possibility to add bookmarks. The developer's claim it is the lightest and fastest browser out there and while I wouldn't argue it's the lightest, I'd question whether it's the fastest although it is certainly seems to be.

You can add bookmarks using a button in the bottom right hand corner, but these are only limited to a handful. Perhaps the only other feature of Lightbrowser to speak of is the user agent changer. This allows you to change your user agent, which means that if you come across a website that's only for Windows or iPhone, you can still view it in Lightbrowser simply by changing the agent. There were some instability issues however - when closing down Lightbrowser, it crashed completely.

Lightbrowser is for all those that need an extremely lightweight browser that takes up hardly any CPU or RAM but not much more.



Lightbrowser 1.1

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